Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 5 - 1.07 miles

Woke up early again this morning since I knew Dan had to go work on cars today and I really wanted to run alone. I felt good from yesterday's run and knew I wouldn't run tomorrow.

I plan on running the same 1.07 for at least a week. I'm only going to work on bringing down my time. So by the end of next week I would like to have that mile down to 12 minutes. That's cutting a minute and a half off my time which may be a little unrealistic but you need to push yourself right?

After my run this morning my right ankle was pretty sore. I didn't ice it down after yesterday's run and paid for it this morning. I think with tomorrow off I should feel good for a Monday run. Otherwise I feel good.

Day 5 Stats
1.07 miles running
14:38 (13:40 mile)

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