Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 15 - 2 Miles

I think I screwed up my Day numbers somewhere along the line so I jumped a couple days.

I'm so excited to have done 2 miles this morning. I really didn't think that I would ever get to this point and with such a slow pace (5 mph) I could have easily gone 3+. I ran down a different side street today for a change of scenery. Plus I don't end up quite as far away from home which starts getting me anxious anyway. Not that I'm scared but it just seems like I have SO far to run to get home it gets me doubting myself and than anxious. 

The countdown to my first 5K is at 16 days. I can't believe how quickly it is coming up but my sister told me that if you can comfortably do 1/2 of the distance of the race that you'll be able to finish. I hope she is right because I don't think I will hit 3 miles prior to that run.

Day 15 Stats
2 Miles
25:56 (12:59 Mile)

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