Monday, December 29, 2008


Christmas was wonderful this year. Dan and I spent Christmas Eve with Dan's family at Grandma and Grandad's house in Calvert County. When we got home that evening we decided to exchange our gifts. We have never been able to hold out until Christmas Day. Dan gave me Guitar Hero World Tour which, I love and have played for at least 3 hours everyday since. I gave Dan a Nascar Slot Car set, Tickets to see Rodney Carrington and a Captian Morgan sign to add to his collection.

Christmas Day started early at Dan's parents house where we opened gifts and then headed down to see Grandma B, Paul and Nana. We spent a couple of hours there before heading back to Grandma and Grandad's to see the rest of the family. Later in the afternoon Dan and I jumped back on the road to head to my Mom's home for Dinner and gifts with my family. We made it home by about 9 in the evening and enjoyed playing Guitar Hero for the rest of the night.

The Saturday after Christmas Jennie, Erin and I headed up to Uncle Jim's house to see the Herring Side of the family. Traffic was horrible since no one can drive as well as I can ; ) It took a little longer than we had planned and we didn't get to stay as long as we had hoped. It was great to see everyone though and try and catch up with what everyone is doing.

All in all it was a great 4 day weekend for me, poor Dan had to work the Friday and Saturday after Christmas and we are ready to ring in the new year!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Toy Drive & Christmas Party

So last night was the Cali Style Toy Drive and Dan's mechanic Christmas Party at Dale's house.

Dan has decided to go back with Abnormal Behavior Truck Club so we met up with them and all rode over together. They had filled the back of Trevor's truck with toys since it was a benefit for Toys for Tots and it was amazing to see. I've never seen so many toys! Plus the boys couldn't keep there hands off of everything so they all crowded around the truck playing with everything. We had a good crowd and Wyked Dimensions came and rode in with us so I'm guessing we had about 7-10 trucks. The party was good, they had an ice luge, beer pong and a mechanical bull. We didn't get to stay too long since we had to head over to Dale's house for the Mechanics Christmas Party.

Dale's house was fun. The guys spent the majority of the time out in the garage playing beer pong and carrying on. They had the fire going inside where all the women congregated. There were 2 other pregnant women there so at least there were other people who were sober and I could talk to them without feeling completely out of place. Dale had his Harley in the living room with spotlights on it. Dan of course found that to be priceless and insisted on doing that at our house. Over my dead body! We weren't out too late but had a great time and enjoyed spending the evening out.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2nd Ultrasound Picture

Here is a picture from our appointment on Dec. 9th. The head is on the right, legs are curled up on the left. Mom says it looks like a spider, Dan says it looks like the alien off of Independence Day, I say it looks like a baby!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2nd Appointment

So we had appointment number 2 today. It was the NT screening for Down's syndrome and other chromosonal problems. Dan and I aren't really concerned, there's no history on either side of any type of birth defects but, insurance covers it and the doctor recommends it so we went.

It was great! First is the Ultrasound, we got to see the baby for at least 20 minutes. The heartrate was a good 157 so we were happy with that. S/He was sleeping the entire time and no matter how much the tech pushed and prodded s/he wasn't moving. Of course that was until the end when the tech was done and was just getting some good photo shots for us. Then the baby started stretching and moving around. As soon as the baby moved Dan jumped back and I think it finally hit him that it was real. You could actually tell it was a baby; we could see the eyes, the nose, fingers, the belly, and the heartbeat. It was great since the last time we had an ultrasound was at 7 weeks so at that point it was just a "blob".

The second part was a blood test and for everyone that knows me - we all know that me and getting blood taken do NOT get along. But, Dan stayed by my side and I didn't pass out! I didn't even get woozy, I was so proud that I treated myself to a Sweet Tea from McDonalds afterward.

I had my regular OB appointment afterward which only took 5 minutes. They moved my due date to June 17th so it's almost like I got to skip 6 days. The small things that bring a smile to my face :)

Our next appointment is on January 9th, I will be 17 weeks.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Thanksgiving was wonderful this year, I really think the food gets better each year. Dan and I went to Grandma B and Pauls Thanksgiving morning to spend some time with them and Nana. Then we headed over to Grandma and Grandad's for dinner. Everything was wonderful, everything except the Detroit game...geez what a waste of time.

On Saturday we headed down to Auntie Aunt Alice's for dinner. It was just my family, Elaine and Aunt Alice. Joe had to work and couldn't make it unfortunately. Mom made the dinner and it was good. Danny and Ernie spent the entire time in the basement drinking beer and yelling at the tv. It was bittersweet since I could imagine Dad down there with them laughing and carrying on.

It was a good time had by all but unfortunately we have to head back to work tomorrow :( No fun!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm Pregnant

It's official - I'm pregnant!

We had our first OB appointment today. The millions of questions, the viles of blood, the poking and the prodding, oh boy what did I get myself into! We did get an ultrasound to determine my due date since the stress of the past month threw everything off. According to how big the "blob" I mean baby is I am due June 23rd. Of course in true Wicker form I think the doctor is wrong, I think I'm due closer to the 15th but, whatever they can go by their date and I will go by mine :) We got a picture from the ultrasound but honestly I can't even tell what it is so I'm not going to scan it into the computer.

So while I can say that I'm pregnant I don't really feel like I am. No morning sickness, no nothing, so I'll just wait for reality to set in and enjoy this time while I can.

My next appointment is December 9th and I will be exactly 12 weeks!