Monday, April 27, 2009

Beginning of the Show Season

Saturday was our first truck show of the year. It was hosted by Wolfpack Racing and held in Upper Marlboro. Only a few trucks made it out - Dan, Kevin, Sheldon & Mr.Chip and Trev rode with Sheldon. The show was small and for a while we really thought that we were going to be the only trucks/cars at the show but slowly people started to show up. I think we all left around 2 pm to head up to another show in North County. We were only spectators at that show since it was only for cars 1977 or older.

All 4 trucks from the Wolfpack show won trophies and the proceeds from the show went to Relay for Life so it was great to support another local club and Cancer. Our next show is Saturday in Mayo, MD - Back to The Beach. The whole club is coming out for this one so it should be a good time.

Friday, April 17, 2009

31 Weeks!

Finally down to single digits! Only 9 more weeks to go, well from Wednesday - today its 8 weeks and 5 days or 60 days or 1,455 hours but really who's counting?!? My appointment this week was normal, not a big fan of the doctor I saw (she's the last one in the practice I've met) and she was more interested in my lack of spleen then the fact that I'm growing a child. I'll blame it on the hormones but it just struck a cord is all. It may have been different if she could have linked it to the pregnancy like...'hey - you don't have a spleen so we will need to put you on antibiotics' but no she was more interested in talking about what I should do after pregnancy and with my primary care physician than anything else. Anyway....

Everything looked good - weight is a little higher than we all want but it's all in the belly so I'm not concerned. Blood pressure is holding steady at 100/60 so happy about that. I've been having some horrible pain at night and in the mornings that cause me to waddle but other than that still going strong.

We traded in the Jeep on Wednesday as well after my doctors appointment. Dan took away my car buying rights after the Jeep purchase. I can't say that I blame him that thing was in and out of the shop everyother month! So now I'm cruising around in a Lexus LS430. This thing is huge!!!! More room than the Jeep had by a ton, the carseat fits in the back with no issues, we don't even have to move the front seats up and I could easily fit my entire house into the trunk (Dan and I included). It's hard going from an SUV to a Sedan but it's comfy and I enjoy driving it (still have the 8 cylinder) so in the long run this was the best choice for us.

Other than that - Starting in May I have a doctors appointment every Wednesday until my due date except the 2nd week in May so we are coming down to the final stretch and both Dan and I are ready to meet our little man.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

28 Week Appt

Normal Appointment last Wednesday, everything looked great except my weight (of course) so I'm trying to eat better. Got a letter in the mail on Saturday from my Doctor stating that I had passed my Gestational Diabetes test but that I am anemic so I have started on extra iron pills which are absolutely disgusting. I have Dan cut them in half to see if only half a pill will give me the boost I need. I have another doctors appointment in 2 weeks so hopefully they will test me again and we will know more.

I finished the baby blanket I was making last night! YAY! As Dan says I actually completed a project which is an accomplishment alone (I'm clearly nothing like my father). My belly is getting bigger and the hot flashes more frequent. I'm very happy that I will be delivering early in the summer, I don't know how pregnant women make it through the heat.

Other than that we are happy and counting down the days...