Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mr. Awesome

Today was my long run and an increase of a mile from last week. My husband conceded to my pleadings for running outside as long as I went a few miles down the road to run the Cross Island Trail. At least if I was on the trail the dogs would be on a leash...if there were any. I headed out just after noon, David and Dan were napping so I left hoping I could be back before they woke up. (I failed)

The first mile was okay. I was slow and just enjoying the scenery. Once I hit the second mile I picked the pace and kept an eye on my watch to make sure I was hovering around a 10 min mile. I passed a couple runners but mostly bikers. Coming up on 2 1/2 miles a biker was approaching from the opposite direction. He was an older gentleman and he began cheering for me. He was clapping and telling me how awesome I was doing and to keep it up. It put the biggest smile on my face and really made a difference. I couldn't help thinking about him as I kept running, smiling and thinking how great it was that he was cheering on everyone. Mile 3 and 4 were uneventful. I felt good and was able to get into a trance and just chug along. At about 5 1/2 miles I began to slow down a little and just as I started to have a little self doubt I look up only to see Mr. Awesome again. He started cheering again and noting it had been about 30 minutes since I had seen him last. It really helped to give me that last bit that I needed to finish up strong.

How can someone be that awesome AND how do I get to be that awesome? He bikes the trail and all the while cheering on those around him. Just a true inspiration on how to be a person.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Treadmill is Death

Hatred is such a strong word but it is definitely the feeling that I have toward my Treadmill. I was so excited to get the treadmill since I knew the winter months would be tough but I underestimated the pain of this machine. So far this winter I have been lucky enough to get out for my long runs. Layer on my UA gear and head on out. Last week it was 30 degrees out and I was so excited to be outside it didn't matter.

Anyway, my husband has decided that I should run inside until this whole dog bite thing is behind us. The matter should be finalized Wednesday since that will be the end of the 10-day quarantine that the poor dogs had to endure. I feel horrible...but that's another story all together. ANYWAY...back on the subject...that meant I had to do an hour on the hour of pure hatred. 

It's over! I finished my 6 miles in an hour (1:01:11 to be exact) and that my feelings haven't changed. I guess I had hoped after making it that far that I could find the groove my happy place but....I didn't. So, if anyone has any ideas to change my mind, turn this hate into love, please let me know. I'm up for anything hypnosis, sleep running, moving my treadmill outside. I will do anything! 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Catch Up

2012 has already been a whirlwind! It's going to be such a great year...if I can get through this month lol.

I finished my winter class, which I will never do again, but I got my A so I still have my 4.0 and at the end of the day that's all that matters. Spring semester starts in a few days. I downgraded to only 2 classes, Econ and Accounting II. I was planning on taking 12 credits but after my winter session I realized how much of a stress that puts on me and my family and really it just isn't worth it.

Super busy so far. Getting close to launching a new product that we've been working on for a year and a half. I'm excited for launch and to test the product. Plus it gives me a chance to do something a little different which I always enjoy.

Is getting so big. I can't believe he is going to be 3 this year. Where has the time gone? His potty training is going well, we had a couple set backs at daycare but otherwise he is doing wonderful. He really enjoyed having everyone here for Christmas and talks about them constantly. Right now he is really big on going to the Grandparents house. That's something that he thinks is really special and asks to go a lot. This past weekend he asked Papa if he could go to his house and off they went. It makes me feel good that he is building such a great relationship with his grandparents.

I'm up to 6 miles in an hour. I'm not worried about time currently, just working to make sure I can make the distance. Once I get the distance down then I will worry about going faster. I've been running outside as much as possible. I absolutely despise the treadmill. I wish I could find a way to make it through a long run inside. Running outside in this weather is actually really nice. Yesterday it was around 32 degrees when I went out. Under Armour cold gear tights + Under Armour cold gear top + Tee Shirt + Gloves + Hat = not bad. I stripped off the gloves before my run was over but overall pretty well dressed for the weather. Oh and I got a Garmin watch - I love it, I still ran with my phone yesterday because Dan wasn't comfortable with me being out there by myself without a phone but one day I'll be able to run without it.

I'm going to try and update more now that my winter term is over and I have a little more time.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Never Again...

...will I take a class during the winter semester. This class has been horrible. The workload is incredibly intense for the number of days this class is. 10 day long semester and during that time I have 16 quizzes, 8 papers, 6 tests and 6 discussion board postings. The only silver lining to the whole thing is that it is almost over! Praying to get out of this class with an "A".

Friday, January 6, 2012

Writing to Write

I haven't been on to "blog" because I really have nothing to talk about. I don't like to write just to write so I don't. The hum drum of my life is interesting to me but I really doubt it is that interesting to anyone else.

The Past:

The holidays were wonderful. I had a great Christmas with my family. Dan got a new TV that we are both enjoying. David got a 4 Wheeler and I got a steam cleaner. Of course there were other wonderful gifts but those were some highlights. David has so much to play with I have officially run out of room in our home for it all. New Years was a blast! I haven't laughed that hard in a really long time and it was just the perfect way to celebrate.


So much to look forward to this year. My Godson christening is this month. I have 2 half marathons and 1 10K that I'm already signed up for. We have a nice vacation that we are in the middle of beginning to plan for the fall. David is going to be turning 3 in the summer. Where has the time gone? I'm going to transfer my credits back up to UMUC this year and hopefully be only a year out from finishing my degree. We have weddings and babies coming (not mine) - I'm so excited for this year and know that it is just going to fly by.

Here is to a wonderful 2012!