Friday, April 29, 2011

New Moves

We are really enjoying this time in David's life. It seems like one of many "perfect" ages. Yes, the majority of time I am being told "nooo" or "I want..." or "that's mine" but when he isn't being stubborn he is surprising Dan and I with new skills, words and personality. He is hilarious! Just yesterday he came home with some new dance moves (I apologize the video is sideways)

He loves the theme music to that show so I must have rewound it a half dozen times just to watch him dance.

David is really becoming a little boy and with his 2nd birthday quickly approaching I'm getting a little sad that he's not a tiny baby anymore. The 2nd birthday has been much harder on me than the 1st and I can only imagine how quickly we'll be celebrating his 18th birthday at this rate!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

Last weekend was my first attempt at making cake pops and well...they didn't turn out bad per se but they definitely didn't look like they were supposed to. The first couple of "eggs" fell off their sticks, the next couple didn't look like eggs, and the couple after that well lets just say the candy coating was a little excessive. The saving grace was they were delicious. A little too rich for my blood (chocolate cake with chocolate frosting) but the girls loved them.

Yesterday's attempt was much better! Jess, Jess & Lisa came over and everyone got involved and made great Easter pops.

Blue was definitely the hardest but the yellow and pink seemed to turn out really well. Poor Lisa thought it was her but I definitely think there was something up with the blue candy. We also made Easter eggs for all of the kids in my little section of the neighborhood. We wrote their names on the outside, filled them with candy, and went and hid them in their yards. Kevin and Dan ended up having the dogs go nuts at one house and Geo ended up with massive grass so who knows if you can see the eggs or not. Hopefully they find them and their parents don't flip (cross your fingers).

It is tradition in my family that the Easter Bunny hides your Easter basket. Last year he hid (read:in plain view) David's basket under the side table. This year he was a little sneakier and hid David's basket in his favorite kitchen cabinet. We are waiting for Daddy to wake up so we can go on the hunt - hurry up Daddy! Mommy is getting impatient :)

Today we are headed to Calvert to see all of Dan's family and then headed back to the Island to see my Mom and Sister's family. I'm sure the girls will have tons to tell me about the Easter Bunny and everything they received.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Crafty Weekend

We are super busy tomorrow with Swim lessons, birthday party & Easter egg hunt but Sunday is pretty open. I do need to get my dress hemmed for Kelly's wedding so I'll do that on Sunday but the rest of the day is going to be full of crafts.

I'm planning on making 2 puzzle bags. One will be for his train puzzle so I'll have to make a train to put on the front and the other will be for his farm animal puzzle. I have to decide whether to use a zipper or a snap though. David is getting pretty good with the zippers but the pieces aren't small enough to really warrant that. The snap may just be easer all around. Or I cold do a button with a small loop to go around it so he could learn a new skill and I'm thinking it would be the easiest.

Like this but I would have the top flap actually fold over so the pieces couldn't fall out:

Then in the evening David and I will get to do some baking. A couple practice runs for some desserts I want to take to Easter dinner. I was going to do the dry run last night and even got all of the supplies except the most crucial which was cake mix...I frustrate myself sometimes.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll post pictures once I actually make something!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rant of the Day

I hate, and I do mean hate, all of the toilet paper dust that ends up on the chrome toilet paper holder. Everytime I go to reach for the toilet paper I find myself staring at the dust and being pissed off by the fact that it's there. I keep wiping it off and it keeps coming back.

Growing up I don't remember ever noticing toilet paper dust. Is it because we have triple thick toilet paper now or maybe you can see the dust on silver more than brass...hmm...the sad things I ponder.

What's That Smell

For the past 6 months we have been using Luvs diapers since they are cheap and David hasn't had any issues with them (leaks, rash, etc.). I broke down on Thursday and ordered some Pampers since I like them more and he's starting to fill up diapers at night. Anyway, long story short they show up on my door step on Friday, pull them in the house and they make the entire house stink like perfume or whatever the heck they smell like. Seriously Pampers - how scented do you make your diapers???? I was hoping after I opened the box and let them air out it would calm down but 3 days later the scent is just as strong. It is disgusting - ugh, guess that's the last time I'm buying Pampers.....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Eventful Weekends

This past weekend was full again!

David had swim lessons Saturday morning and this kid is a fish! He wanted to swim right out of Dan's arms every chance he got. He "jumped" (read:fell) into the pool by himself with a catch from Daddy twice and loved getting thrown up in the air and dunked under the water. I didn't take any pictures or video since I can't stand being "that mom".

I went to Kelly's bridal shower in DC Saturday afternoon. Had a blast! The food, drinks and company were all wonderful - lots of laughs and makes me even more excited for her beautiful wedding in only a few weeks. Although it is a strapless, leg showing dress so I need to start working out to tone up some. We'll see if that happens!

Dan spent the weekend working on vehicles again and had me shining his wheels prior to him washing his truck. Seriously? Poor planning on his part. The show season is coming up so I guess the last minute hustle is upon us. The first show is Back to the Beach on April 30th.

On a more somber note, a friend of ours was in a car accident Sunday morning. Please keep him in your thoughts for a speedy recovery, he is going to have a long, painful road ahead of him.

Friday, April 8, 2011

This Time Last Year

It is hard to believe that this time last year David was just learning to crawl:

What a difference a year makes :(

Quick Catch-up

Per my last post I was going to work on getting better at blogging and I have obviously failed since it has been over 4 months. Brandy keeping up with her blogging has been inspirational plus it has been fun going back and reading all the old posts.

David is doing well, he's 21 months old now and a nonstop ball of energy. We have changed daycares twice in the last year. His first daycare provider had to move to Preston (30 min. the wrong way) and the second provider was just bad. We are now taking him to a daycare in Cloverfields and he adores it there. David thrives on being outside and he definitely gets it! If it is nice outside they don't come in except to take naps. There are kids in his age range (which he didn't get at the second provider) some younger, some older, some girls, some boys and it has been really good for him. We definitely miss going to Ms. Donna's though but we have gotten together a couple of times and plan on getting together again soon. It doesn't take long for him to remember who she is and jump in her lap :)

David started swim lessons last weekend in Severna Park. We did the same class last year when we was only 9 months old just to get him accustomed to the water since Dan's parents have a pool. He loves the water! Since last year he has learned how to put his mouth under water and not breathe in water, blow bubbles, and doggy paddle with his arms. The feet are still a no-go but I'm sure he'll figure it out soon.

Dan has started back at the gym. He's been going almost every night and has gotten Bobby to start going with him since the other guys that were supposed to be going have since backed out. He has already lost >5 lbs (the real number escapes me)!!

I bought a sewing machine with the gift cards I got for Christmas. I actually haven't had the opportunity to pull it out in a few weeks but prior to that I made a couple personalized burp clothes, a sleep sack for David, a MT Carrier and matching bag, and a pillow for David's big boy bed. The next project is going to be puzzle bags since I'm tired of searching for the pieces at the bottom of the toy box!

Hopefully this post will turn over a new leaf and cause me to post again soon!