Thursday, March 5, 2009

25 Week Checkup

This morning was my 25 week appointment. My typical visit:

Pull into hospital parking garage 15 minutes early.
See someone really creepy on the way to the elevator.
Go Down 5 stories - walk over to office building.
Huff up 2 Flights of steps because the elevator takes FOREVER!
Sign-in (completely out of breath) and wait 10 minutes to be called back.
Step on Scale and grimace at the weight gain.
Blood Pressure - usually low.
Urine Sample.
Sit in room for 10 minutes.
Dr. Finally comes in.
Listen to the babies heartbeat.
Measure my Growing Belly.
Pay $10.00
Off to Work.

Now you tell me - what do I pay $10 for? I can do all that at home - a lot quicker and a lot cheaper!

Anyway, everything looks great and on track for my due date so far. The baby is around 13 inches long and weighs about 1 1/2 pounds (at least I can blame him for some of my weight! lol). Next appointment is my Gestational Diabetes test so I get to drink "fruit punch" an hour before I get my blood drawn. Hopefully I pass because the test I'll have to take if I fail is a 3 hour fasting test and I definitely don't want to do that!

I am closing in on the 3rd trimester and I now get to see the doctor more often! Woohoo! Won't be long now before we get to meet our little guy.