Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shopping - Week of 7/10

I wasn't overly impressed with this weeks deals at CVS or Rite Aid so I was taking it easy and didn't hit a single store until Thursday. I hit up Target on Thursday, Rite Aid on Friday & Target again today.

Target on Thursday:

(3) Girl's Jeans
(2) Oral-B Floss
(4) Scotch Tape
(3) Sharpie Twin Packs
(3) 10-Pk of Pens
(1) Post-it Note


(3) -$2/1 Baby or Kid Jeans (Target)
(2) -$1/1 Oral-B Floss
(4) - $0.50 Scotch Tape (Target)
(4) -$1/1 Scotch Tape
(3) -$1/1 Sharpie Product (Target)
(3) -$1/1 Papermate Pens (Target)

Total Before Savings: $45.43
OOP: $0.36

Friday's Rite Aid Trip:

(1) Purex Laundry Detergant
(1) Compound W Freeze Off
(1) SoftSoap Body Wash


(1) -$2/1 Compound W Product
Used $3/$15 Survey Coupon
Used $10 Up+ Rewards

Total Before Savings: $29.22
OOP: $1.20
Up+ Rewards: $2.00
Rebate: $10.00

Today's Target Trip:

(4) Aquafresh Travel Toothpaste
(3) Scotch Tape
(4) Sharpie Twin Packs
(3) 10-Pk of Pens
(2) Sally Hansen Nail Polish
(2) Sally Hansen Hard as Nails


(4) -$1/1 Aquafresh Toothpaste
(3) - $0.50 Scotch Tape (Target)
(3) -$1/1 Scotch Tape
(4) -$1/1 Sharpie Product (Target)
(3) -$1/1 Papermate Pens (Target)
(2) -$1/1 Sally Hansen Product (Target)
(2) -$1/1 Sally Hansen Nail Color
(2) -$2/1 Sally Hansen Nail Care

Total Before Savings: $23.36
OOP: -$0.76

I had two presents for my niece and nephew included in the last trip to Target to eat up that Overage since obviously Target isn't going to pay me money!

For the week I purchased $98.01 in products (this includes tax I would have paid & before Clearance pricing) for a whopping $1.56! Rite Aid continues to treat me well - With the $10 rebate that I'm getting for this weeks transactions that puts me at $24.49 coming back in cash from Rite Aid. All of the products that I have purchased from Rite Aid have been paid for by a $25 gift card that was given to me for my birthday AND there is still $5+ left on the card. So for all the shopping that I have done in the last month and a half and brought home over $300 worth of products I have MADE $5!! That's what makes me love couponing :) Meanwhile - does anyone need any scotch tape!

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