Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life is Busy

Summer is in full swing...spending money, never home, no sleep, the house is a wreck...I'm over it! I'm ready for a weekend of relaxation and it doesn't look like there is one in my near future. Here is our upcoming tentative schedule and something always gets added at the last minute:

This Weekend Dan works and it is Alayna & Owen's birthday party at my Mom's house followed by a Flip Cup Tournament at my house. I'm sure Sunday will be spent at my Mom's cleaning up Saturday's festivities and saying goodbye to the West Coast Contingent since they will be leaving on Monday :(

The following weekend is a truck show up in York, PA. We will be staying overnight up there since it is a night show (I'm actually really excited about this - never been to a night show and think it will be pretty cool) so that will eat up all of Saturday and Sunday.

The weekend after that we are headed to Calvert County for family birthday dinners. Saturday will be free but I'm sure something will come up whether it be my Mom's, working on Dan's truck and/or cleaning and housework.

It just keeps going and going...

On other subjects:

David is growing leaps and bounds this summer. It is amazing to watch, even just little things like the way he jumps on the trampoline, to big things like counting and the alphabet. If we could just cut the tantrums out I think it would be the perfect life!

I am still couponing and my desk at home is more than enough proof that I need some sort of organization in my life (Brandy can vouch for that). I've decided that I'll only post my trips once a week since life is busy.

Dan has switched jobs and is now up in Glen Burnie working for Brown's Toyota. He is happier and it is making for a happier household too. He is still working on his truck but has decided that he is almost done. Some body work and paint and he's ready to move on to a new project.

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