Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lost, What did I do before?

A couple weekends ago my Mom in Law had mentioned that we should start sending David over there one weekend a month to stay. Supposedly he's an angel over there (I'm sure he is he is MY kid after all!) and they would love to see him more often and it gives Danny and I a chance to have us time. I agreed that it would be good for everyone. I love the fact that David has such a great relationship with his grandparents, I think it is important and not something I had growing up. Plus it gives Dan and I alone time which can never be a bad thing.

Anyway, we met Danny's parents around 7 last night to drop David off. We had a relaxing evening, dinner just the two of us, grabbed a drink at the old peoples bar here on Kent Island and were in bed before midnight. Danny ran off to work before I got out of bed and I ended up having the entire day to myself. I was excited until around 4 o'clock. What did I do before I had David? What filled up my Saturday's when Danny was working? Why am I wandering around my house trying to find something to occupy me? I am so happy to have my boys back in the house. It is such a wonderful feeling!

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