Wednesday, June 10, 2009

39 Weeks - BLAH!

Okay - I'm officially done with this child. Yeah Yeah I'm sure he's cute and all and he's my kid so I'll always love him BUT he has officially made me mad. No progress in the last week and all the "contractions" I've been feeling aren't "real" contractions (which by the way I tried to explain to my doctor 2 weeks ago that I didn't know the difference). UGH! He's never coming out and I'm going to be like Bonnie on Family Guy - Pregnant until Season 7! Sadly I think that rant actually made me feel better.

Anyway, the appointment today was fine. Doctor was late...surprise surprise. No progress, fundal height measuring fine, go to find heartbeat - still looking - can't find it. Rush over to sonogram room...There's the little bugger laying there practicing his breathing and kicking me. Happier than could be. So everything is fine, scary for a second but great none the less. Heartrate was at 129. Till next week....

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