Wednesday, June 3, 2009

38 Weeks! Woohoo

Had my 38 week appointment today, I saw a different Doctor today and she was on time....shocker! Anyway, baby looks good - heart rate around 140 so she was happy with that. Before she checked my progress of course she informed me that most first time moms go late and that I should prepare myself for this. I get so tired of hearing that - ugh, yes I know, I won't prepare myself to go late because I don't want to and leave me alone unless I'm in labor!!! Anyway, I feel better now. I'm making progress and currently at 2 cm and of course as she leaves..."I'll see you next week...if not sooner". Why do they do that??? Seriously you just told me that I'll most likely go late now you give me false hope that I may go in the next week. I hate them! haha until next week....

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