Thursday, October 27, 2011

Overwhelmed - Life Has Me Busy

Everyone who knows me personally knows that I'm a little OCD...I get into something and go full bore only to lose interest in a few months. And when I mean full bore I am completely obsessed and go over the top - I live and breathe it - it becomes my life! So far this year I have had 3 passions - sewing, couponing and running.  I still coupon - and pretty compulsively but my new obsession is this damn running. Anyway - I'm way off track with this post. My point is I get overwhelmed because  I take on too much and I cannot just casually do anything.

This week, I have school work (which includes an exam tomorrow), working, getting ready for our annual costume party (and getting my costume), Dan has been working late, I had dinner for Mike's birthday, my nieces are over for the night tomorrow, trying to run and train for this half marathon, and I have to clean the house along with trying to keep David amused and fed. Ahhhhhh!!!!! I'm in over my head...48 hours from now I will be in a much better place...I'm thinking Sunday I will head down to DC and cheer on the Marine Corps Marathoners as a treat to myself!

I feel better now :)

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