Friday, October 14, 2011

Pee Anxiety

I don't know if this is a medical term or not but I'm having serious Pee Anxiety. It all started 4 weeks ago when I ran the Run4Shelter 5k. I didn't really take that run seriously, I wanted to finish but it was more a practice round for the Baltimore 5k. About a quarter of a mile into the run I realized that I had to I held it...and held it...and held it for what seemed like eternity! It was all I could think about until finally at 2.25 I had to stop.

Ever since, I have had severe Pee Anxiety every time I go to run. It is always within the first mile and once I stop I never have another issue. I've tried going right before I leave and it doesn't seem to matter - the anxiety gets to me and I always stop. I'm already starting to get anxious about tomorrow and my damn bladder. All I need is to focus on something else and I'm sure I will be fine but damnit my brain is not strong enough!

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