Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Did It!! 5k Complete in 8 Weeks

After 8 long weeks I finish the Baltimore 5k this morning!! It was a little chilly when we got up this morning but as we started to get close to the start line I could feel myself warming up a little.

The start line was crazy crowded. We started about halfway back and still had to weave around people who were walking. Hello! Start in the back! I'm all for people walking or walk/jog but if you think you will finish in the last half of the field please start there. I anticipated placing 1,500 in a 3,000 field so I chose the middle and went there - it isn't hard. Sorry for the rant.

The first half of the run was uphill but definitely not horrible. There were a couple times where I wondered how much longer the hill would continue. At the turn around we headed back downhill but the streets got busier at that point. People (not runners) were trying to cross the street in the middle of the race. Dodging people added a new element to the entire thing. We were headed downhill and I was feeling pretty good.  At 2.5 miles we got to run through the warehouse section of Camden Yards which was really cool and kept me distracted for about 15 seconds! I saw what I thought was the finish so I took off sprinting...except it wasn't and I still had about a tenth of a mile to go so I finished the race strong which really made me feel good.

Overall, I am really proud of what I did today. I've been running for 8 weeks, I finished a 5k strong, and I crushed my goal of 34 minutes coming across the line at 32:11!

1,271 out of 3,000 overall
162 out of 400 in my division (Fem. 24-29)
616 out of 1928 in females

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