Monday, June 27, 2011

Finally got my Ecotrin

I have tried for at least 3 weeks to get this Ecotrin Aspirin from Walgreens and they have been out of stock at 2 different stores this entire time! I normally do not have inventory issues at Rite Aid so I guess this is just one more sign telling me to stay with Rite Aid.

RA Transaction 1

(1) Crest Toothpaste
(2) Excedrin Extra Strength
(1) Got2Be Hairspray
(1) Little Swimmers

(1) -$1/1 Crest Toothpaste (P&G Saving Booklet)
(2) -$1/1 Excedrin (SS Printable)
(1) -$1/1 Excedrin (RA Video)
(1) -$1/1 Little Swimmers (Printable)
Used $3/15 Survey
Used $10 Up+ Rewards

OOP: $1.39
Up+ Rewards: $4.69
Rebate: $4.99
SavingStar: $2.00

RA Transaction 2

(1) Veet Wax Strips

(1) -$2/1 Veet (RA Weekly Circular)
(1) -$1/1 Veet (RA Video)
(1) -$2/1 Veet (Printable)

OOP: $0.00
Up+ Rewards: $1

RA Transaction 3

(4) Stayfree Products

(2) B1G1 Stayfree Product (SS 6/26)
(2) -$1/1 Stayfree Product (Printable)
(1) -$1/1 Any Non-Prescription Item (RA Video)

Used $2 Up+ Rewards

OOP: $0.00
Up+ Rewards: $4.00

Walgreens Transaction

(2) Ecotrin Low Dose Aspirin

(2) -$1/1 Ecotrin
Used Raincheck from beginning of June

OOP: $0.00

Total Before Savings: $58.39
Total OOP: $1.39
+Up Rewards: $9.69
Rebate: $4.99
SavingStar: $2.00

My Veet transaction came up funny because my coupons were worth more than the product so somehow they didn't make me pay tax which seems odd. Once I work it all out I spent $1.39 but gained $4.68 in the Rewards/Rebates so total profit was $3.29.

I've decided I really like Rite Aid's Rebates. For 1. it is really easy to redeem them and 2. I can get my cash out of my Up+ Rewards. I will definitely look at doing more of these in July.

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