Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ah Vacation!

Cancun was wonderful…for the most part. We made it to the resort around 1 pm on Sunday and immediately went out and investigated the grounds. We spent the rest of the week eating, drinking, sleeping and relaxing. The staff was unbelievable. Everyone was in a great mood, very nice, accommodating with anything and everything we could possibly need.

The grounds were immaculately kept. I don’t ever think I saw a piece of trash anywhere. Matter of fact, now that I think about it, I don’t think I ever saw a leaf in the walkway or grass or dirt! They came and checked your room twice a day. I think Monday we woke up and went down to the beach. When we went back to the room the bed was made and the room clean (they even lined our shoes up). We took showers, took a nap and headed out to the pool. When we got back to get ready for dinner the bed was made again, shower cleaned and new towels.  It was like we hadn’t been there earlier in the day. Crazy! The room service was included and provided around the clock. Good food, very quick and awesome staff.  The food overall was only okay. Very bland and pretty boring. The drinks were great and the bartenders were wonderful. My favorites were Miguel and Jonathan down at the lobby bar.

They had entertainment and activities daily that kept Dan busy and allowed me to lay by the pool soaking up the rays. Every 30 minutes to an hour was a new activity. They had beach soccer, beach volleyball, water volleyball, races, trivia, water aerobics, cornhole and a ton of other stuff. Dan seemed to enjoy it all but was upset he never got a t-shirt from any of the activities. They also did a Michael Jackson show on Monday night that was great. They had a Mexican Michael Jackson who lipped synched and everything.  There was a dinner show on Tuesday night but unfortunately we missed the show since I ended up with some type of food poisoning. Hit me right around 8 pm and had me up until 3 am. By morning my stomach was feeling better and we were out on the beach again.

Overall, the trip was great. The weather was beautiful, no one got horribly sunburned, the flights weren’t too bad and the length we were gone was perfect. I was happy to get home and see my little boy and get back into a routine.  We would go back in a heartbeat – maybe in a couple years we’ll be able to take another getaway vacation.

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