Sunday, May 22, 2011

WMZQFest and Jiffy Lube Live

I'll never go back. Let me start off by saying that this is the only concert I am going to this year and I have been looking forward to seeing Jason Aldean and Eric Church since they announced it. But honestly, the no tailgating rule at Jiffy Lube Live is ridiculous and almost ruined my day. I understand cracking down on the amount of drinking and shenanigans in the parking lot but seriously, within 5 minutes of our bus parking 2 cops on horses and 2 on bicycles converged on the bus. They told us to get off and stood there while one by one we left the bus making sure that no one had any alcohol. Then told us that it was time to head into the venue. Seriously? The driver just turned the bus off.  Not only that but this concert was the most on road drinking I have seen. Every car we passed on the road had people drinking.

The music was great though. Eric Church was incredible - absolutely loved him! And of course Jason Aldean was amazing too. I think he played 14 songs or something ridiculous like that and every song that I loved which made all the BS with the venue worth it. I definitely fell asleep on the way home which, according to Dan, cemented my status as "old lady" :)

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