Friday, April 29, 2011

New Moves

We are really enjoying this time in David's life. It seems like one of many "perfect" ages. Yes, the majority of time I am being told "nooo" or "I want..." or "that's mine" but when he isn't being stubborn he is surprising Dan and I with new skills, words and personality. He is hilarious! Just yesterday he came home with some new dance moves (I apologize the video is sideways)

He loves the theme music to that show so I must have rewound it a half dozen times just to watch him dance.

David is really becoming a little boy and with his 2nd birthday quickly approaching I'm getting a little sad that he's not a tiny baby anymore. The 2nd birthday has been much harder on me than the 1st and I can only imagine how quickly we'll be celebrating his 18th birthday at this rate!

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