Friday, September 18, 2009

Getting Big

How quickly time flies when you are watching your baby grow up! David is almost 3 months old now and weighs a TON. He was 14lbs 6oz at his 2 month appointment and is well over 15lbs now. I love having a big baby - he doesn't feel breakable - but my back is killing me from lugging him and his car seat to work every day.

So right now David is still traveling with me to work. What was 4 hours a day is now 8 and he does relatively well with it. Some days are better than others but I'm beginning to feel guilty about keeping him in an office setting. We have started looking for daycare and actually have an interview this Sunday with a lady down the street. Hopefully she's wonderful and he likes her :) For the past two Wed. he has been with Aunt Jennie and absolutely loving it and was with Gammaw last Friday as well.

We have packed up all of his 3 month clothes since he has moved on to 6 month stuff - did I mention he was big? They are definitely starting to make some cute boy clothes! His latest outfit is a fleece vest set which is adorable. It's starting to get chilly here in the mornings (below 60) so having something to throw on him until it gets warmer in the middle of the day is essential. Of course bibs are needed now since he drools through everything! Where does it all come from?

The talking/cooing is in full swing now - David talks to everything and anything. As I'm typing this he is talking to his burp cloth that is sitting on the swing. The burp cloth is definitely carrying the conversation. He is even beginning to respond to Dan and I talking to him which is great!

What used to be occasional smiles are now social smiles especially to noises you make with your mouth and if you are particularly good with the noises you'll get a laugh as well. The laughing is the best part and trying to not laugh with him is tough. Heaven forbid you laugh though because he doesn't seem to understand and just stares at you waiting for the next noise.

We officially rolled from Belly to Back almost 2 weeks ago now and almost made it from Back to Belly a few days ago. He got hung up on his arm and couldn't get it out. We still hate belly time but are standing it for a little longer now that he can get his shoulders off the ground and look around. All in all Dan and I are in awe of how quickly he is growing and the new things he learns everyday.

Alan comes out to Maryland next weekend for a quick trip which will be great especially for Mom and then we get to take a much needed trip out to the great state of Arizona the week following. Dan and I are looking forward to it and this will be David's first plane trip so cross your fingers that he handles it well.

Till next time...

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