Monday, April 16, 2012

Long Run FAIL...

I had been looking forward to this run...we (Brandy and I) were headed to the B&A trail to log 13.1. It would be a first for both of us and a confidence booster for our upcoming half. What could of happened did...

  • I woke up late and missed eating breakfast. Thought I could make up for it with GU gel and a couple chomps...I was wrong - stomach pains started around 5.5. Cost me about 2 miles on my run.
  • We headed the wrong way and ended up near the city. Could have been worse but there is nothing worse than passing your car knowing that I still had another 8 miles to log. Oh and dodging some sketchy people.
  • Brandy's shoes were killing her feet and eventually she took them off in favor of running in socks.
Surprisingly, I'm actually relieved that things didn't go accordingly. It is a good reminder that not everyday is an awesome running day. We struggled (me more than her) and it happens. We will try again next week and learn the lessons of this week.

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