Sunday, December 11, 2011

Reindeer 5k - New PR Time

It was SO cold! I'm not signing up for another run until temperatures are in the 50's. I hate being cold and I really hate being under-dressed for the cold knowing that I'm going to be hot in about 10 minutes. I had on UA mid calf tights and a cold wear mock turtleneck w/a tank top underneath and a lightweight zip up sweatshirt.

Once we started running my hands were cold and it worked to take my mind off anything else being cold. Per my last post my goal was 30:36 and I knew I should be running under 30 minutes. For the first half mile I kept on Brandy's hip knowing that she would be running under my goal pace and would keep my moving. From there she slowly started to pull away and while I wanted to keep with her I knew there was no way I would make it through 3 miles.

I'm very happy with how I ran. I set a great speed going out and did a pretty good job keeping my speed up (my last mile was only 30 seconds longer than my first) throughout the run. There is no way I can be upset after finishing in 27:50 27:45 and setting a new PR by over 4 minutes. I'm really looking forward to concentrating on training for my next event which is the Frederick Half Marathon.

Hope everyone else had a great running weekend!

80 out of 194 overall
6 out of 27 in my division (Fem. 21-30)

38 out of 132 in females

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