Wednesday, April 1, 2009

28 Week Appt

Normal Appointment last Wednesday, everything looked great except my weight (of course) so I'm trying to eat better. Got a letter in the mail on Saturday from my Doctor stating that I had passed my Gestational Diabetes test but that I am anemic so I have started on extra iron pills which are absolutely disgusting. I have Dan cut them in half to see if only half a pill will give me the boost I need. I have another doctors appointment in 2 weeks so hopefully they will test me again and we will know more.

I finished the baby blanket I was making last night! YAY! As Dan says I actually completed a project which is an accomplishment alone (I'm clearly nothing like my father). My belly is getting bigger and the hot flashes more frequent. I'm very happy that I will be delivering early in the summer, I don't know how pregnant women make it through the heat.

Other than that we are happy and counting down the days...

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